Machine design is a creative process that requires a clear understanding of the overall objectives and a good attention to detail. The designer must draw on a mix of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and intuition. I believe that quality must be built into each and every stage of the design.

I use SoildWorks for 3D CAD modelling. My skills include:

  • Part and assembly modelling
  • Mechanisms
  • Configurations
  • Surfacing
  • Sheet metal
  • Rendering
  • Direct editing
  • Weldments
  • Drawings for manufacture (profile cutting, CNC machining, 3D printing etc)
  • Bill of materials



Custom Machines is a SimScale consulting partner . SimScale is a powerful cloud based simulation tool. You can find my SimScale public projects here.

ParaView is used for post processing of simulation results.

I work predominately with structural applications using Finite Element Analysis. I work with the following analysis types:

  • Solid Mechanics (linear and non-linear)
    • Static
    • Dynamic
    • Frequency
    • Modal
    • Harmonic
    • Buckling
  • Thermal (linear and non-linear)
    • Steady state and transient


I create user interfaces that are simple and intuitive. I produce code that is well structured and modular. Using these principles I produce systems that are characteristically robust and reliable. They are easy to troubleshoot, maintain and extend. In short, they are a pleasure to use.

I have experience with a wide range of automation controllers including Beckhoff, Allen-Bradley and Koyo. I have expertise in the following areas:

  • PLC programming (especially with ICE 61131-3 programming languages)
  • Motion control (servo applications)
  • HMI design

If you would like to see your industrial machine come to life, please give me a call today.




Data acquisition is a powerful tool for troubleshooting machine failure. It can also be used for life prediction, validation of simulation results and process optimisation. 

I have experience in measuring the following quantities:

  • strain (strain gauges)
  • force (load cells)
  • displacement (laser distance sensors and inductive proximity sensors)
  • acceleration (piezoelectric and MEMS)
  • temperature (thermocouples, RTDs and thermal imaging)
  • pressure (transducers)
  • location (GPS)

I have extensive experience is in the area of stress analysis and strain gauging.

I use HBM the Beckhoff hardware for data acquisition. Kst is used for live plots and post processing.